Help: Appointment to see a doctor

In order to make an appointment to a specialist, 4 steps should be taken:

Step 1.: Choose a medical treatment institution!

There are three ways of finding an institution : • Select from the offered list • Enter a full or partial name of the medical treatment institution into the search browser • Enter the address of the medical treatment institution into the search browser

Step 2.: Select a specialist or service!

There are 3 ways to find a specialist: • Select a specialist or service from the list • Enter a doctor’s name and surname into the search browser • Enter a specialty or service into the search browser and select a specialist with your mouse

Step 3.:Select the time and date of the visit.

Select a date in the calendar or select the closest free time by clicking on “The next possible free time...” Note. The appointment times available in the calendar are marked in different colours. The colour indicates a type of payment: blue – paid visits, green – State-funded visits. In a State-funded visit a patient will have to pay toward the fee for the visit, while in a paid visit the patient will make full payment for the visit according to the price indicated in the institution’s price list. • Choose the most suitable time and type of payment.

Step 4.: Enter your personal data. It is possible to register for a visit for yourself or for any other person (a child or parent).

The obligatory information to be indicated for a person is their:

  • Name;
  • Surname;
  • Personal identity number;
  • E-mail address;
  • Telephone number;

If any mandatory field is not completed, after pressing the “Apply for the visit” button it will turn red and a red exclamation mark will be seen next to the field.

As soon as all the fields are completed correctly, your selected visit will be sent to the medical treatment institution for approval after pressing “Apply for the visit”.

Making changes to a booked appointment In order to change your choice click on the selected parameter and change it. If you wish to change the institution, click on the selected institution on the top of the screen! A list of all the available institutions will open and return to Step 1 of the instruction. If you wish to change a specialist or service, click on the specialist at the top of the screen and return to Step 2 of the instruction.